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Posted April 3, 2014 by Marilu Hagen in Career Moves
Job Search

Throughout the past year I have been asked the same questions by family and friends as they are curious to learn more about my job search. Mostly they want to know what industry I am looking to get into, if there is a specific position or company I have my eye on, and, of course, where I am looking to move. When people ask me where I plan on moving or what city I have targeted for my search I have gotten into the habit of replying, “wherever I get an offer.” Now, I do not mean that in the desperate way that it sounds. I really mean that I would move almost anywhere for what I might see as a great career opportunity for myself.

I would say about 75% of my friends in college are from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Milwaukee, or Chicago. The majority of these friends are looking for jobs only in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Milwaukee, and Chicago. These are great cities and have much to offer post-graduates, but I question why more of my peers have not considered taking this opportunity of their first years in the real world to live somewhere far away and different from where they grew up, if only just for the enlightening experience!

The early years after graduation are the perfect time to find a job in a city that is far away from your comfort zone. I will admit that there are often more promising opportunities in cities closer to home because of family and friend connections and I myself have accepted that I am likely to initially start working in a city I have lived in before. However, disregarding the idea of working in an unfamiliar city is detrimental to one’s potential. Going to a college where I had no prior acquaintances or knowledge of the area was the best thing I have done for myself in my twenty-two years. Meeting students of all different backgrounds and cultures from all over the country opened my eyes exponentially.

To the twenty-somethings who are currently engaged in the job search and are looking for a positive change: try out a new city! There is no better time to explore your industry in a different part of the country (maybe even in an entirely separate country!), meet new people and therefore expand your personal network across the nation, and develop your full potential.

About the Author

Marilu Hagen

Originally hailing from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, Marilu is currently a student the the University of Wisconsin-Madison and on track for graduating with a major in Communication Arts and minor in Integrated Liberal Studies. She is very excited to be one of the lucky summer 2013 interns for CGN and to gain experience as a marketing and public relations specialist for the company while bringing extra energy and positivity to the team. Her inspiration comes from powerful women working in the sports and entertainment industry and she has hopes to become one of these women herself as a sports agent or manager of team public relations. Marilu's favorite professional sport is ice hockey, having grown up with the Atlanta Thrashers, but her favorite sports team is the Atlanta Braves.