Techie Time Savers/Apps for Women in Business

Posted July 12, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

Recently, Little Pink Book published their list of “Techie Time Savers” – and it inspired us to put our favorite apps, software, and online tools in one place to show you all the amazing tools you could be using to make your business and your life easier. So, here we go:

To Save You Time:

  • We told you about TaskRabbit and in this recent post, which outlines how these two incredible tools can help you get labor for tasks both big and small for cheap! They rock.
  • Our newsletter readers (if you’re not subscribing to our newsletter, you should be – so click here to do it now) recently learned about Evernote, an incredible software that can be added to your mobile devices, computers, etc. to help you catalog, categorize, save, and create ideas, online clips, photos, and more that you can access from any of your devices anytime. It’s revolutionary. Visit Evernote by clicking here.

To Keep You Healthy, Wealthy and Wise:

  • The Livestrong app is my favorite food and exercise tracking tool. It doubles with an online platform you can access on your computer, and it’s database of food is the best I’ve found. If you want to keep off those lbs, it’s worth tracking what you had at lunch, and as easy as ever when you have this app.
  • When it comes to money, the mother of all financial apps is absolutely from Mint. Keep track of all your accounts in one place and never have to remember your passwords to them all? Worth it.
  • We can’t say enough about GymPact. You set a pact of how many days a week you agree to go to the gym and a dollar amount you agree to pay if you miss a day. You check in with your phone at the gym for at least 30 minutes, and at the end of the week, if you’ve skipped a day, you pay, and if you haven’t, all the other people who did pay get their money divided up and given to the people who completed their pact. Granted, it’s not a ton of money, but $30 over a 4-5 month period was our recent experience, and that’s worth every penny. Get it here.

To Generally Make Life Better/Easier:

  • Our absolute FAVORITE app is Clear – it’s an interactive to-do list for your iPhone that will change the way you think about tasks. And if that’s not enough, it gives you fun sounds when you check something off. Worth the $2.99!
  • Are you sick of your stupid phone’s alarm? Beep beep beep gets pretty old after a while. So we searched up and down, back and forth, for an awesome alarm for iPhones that is both easy to use, fool proof (there’s nothing worse than when your alarm fails, right?), and fun! We recommend Waku’s Alarm Clock Monsters. You can set multiple alarms for multiple days, and the best part is….you can set any piece of music on your iPhone to wake you up. I love waking up to Beyonce’s Halo on my normal running days, Rascal Flatts’ Stand on my long run days, and Diddy’s Hello Good Morning any other time. I love the variety. Get the free version, it’s worth it.

We hope this list gives you new and exciting apps to add to your computers. Comment below and let us know what your favorite apps are and help other Career Girls get savvy about their phones today!

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