The #1 Question to Ask Yourself When Trying to Find YOUR Passion!

Posted May 6, 2013 by Christie Mims in Career Moves
Recently, I was talking to one of my very inspiring private clients about her life passion.  She was feeling stressed and frustrated that she hasn’t found it yet (she’s both smart and a hard worker, so used to things coming easily to her if she tries hard enough) and during our talk she said something both hilarious and insightful.  “Christie” she said, “Ugh, this feels just like an episode of Hoarders.”

She’s right.
When you try and figure out what you are passionate about, sometimes you get in your own way.  Doubts, fears, questions, frustrations start to enter into your mind.  The “maybe I don’t have a life purpose” doubt creeps in and settles in one corner.  The “I’ll never figure this out. Blergh!” doubt settles into the kitchen.  The “I’m not good enough to find this” thought builds a space on the floor.

And soon enough, you are living in one corner of your mind underneath 100 old newspapers trying to justify why you need all 50 cats.  Underneath it all, you just feel STUCK.
Have you ever felt like this?

If you have, you are SO not alone! I think, at one time or another, most of us feel this way and get incredibly stressed.  The whole “I’m smart, I should effing be able to get this!” mantra comes into your head and drives you straight into the welcoming arms of Ben and Jerry’s.  Or whatever your poison :).

So let me take the pressure off.  First off – take a breath and say this: “I’ll get there eventually. Things will work out.”  Secondly, ask yourself this question:
If you could do anything right now as a job, what would you do? No boundaries at all!

Seriously. Anything!

Ok, when I asked myself this question years ago the first thought that popped into my head was “I want to be a judge on America’s Next Top Model.” Now, I have to admit to shamefacedly watching that show for like the first 12 cycles before Tyra’s craziness drove me away. But for awhile, when I was consulting, it seemed like a total dream! I could travel, coach people, be insane, and have a ton of variety in my day-to-day life (plus, professional make up team!).  It was one of those crazy, throw away statements that I ignored for awhile.

That was my mistake. Instead of ignoring it, I want you to take your crazy idea and dig deep. WHY do you want to do that thing? What specifically (and generally) do you like about that job?

When I (finally!) picked apart my Top Model dream, I realized that what I wanted was freedom to travel, the ability to help/coach people, some glamour in my life, and fun.

I didn’t really want to be a judge, I just wanted certain things about that lifestyle.  And, as you can probably imagine, I’ve got it!

I get to travel (the first week in May I’m speaking at a conference on a cruise ship!), I get help people (my clients amaze me every day), I get to do glamorous things (I’m putting the finishing details on my upcoming Career on Fire retreat right now.  So far it involves photo shoots, Costa Rica, and lots of chocolate. Also, did I mention fire dancing? Watch this space!)

And I’m having fun doing it, which is really the most important thing.

So take a moment to revisit some of your more random dreams, and pick apart why you love them.  That is the first step to getting rid of the Hoarders mentality and taking a step to finding YOUR passion.  You can do it!

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Christie Mims is The Radical Fairy Godmother to the Woman Trapped in Her Suit. A job reinvention specialist, she is a certified professional career and transition coach with a background working for Fortune 500 companies, the Department of Defense, and large Federal agencies. As a former business unit director in a top consulting firm, she has been there, done that, and worn those uncomfortable shoes. So, while she knows that career transition is hard, it doesn’t have to be lonely! Feeling stuck in your suit? Grab her free job UNstuck kit over at! (That is also where she keeps her sage career wisdom AND a side sass). It’s time to make your career happy!