The 100 Workout: Day 1

Posted June 22, 2011 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five
Many of you read and commented on my discovery yesterday of “The 100 Workout” – and I promised to try it today and give a recap. So this is my official 90% of “The 100 Workout” recap.

The thing that immediately appealed to me about this workout is that you don’t need a schmancy gym to do it. I did it in my living room, then planning on heading down to the gym on the 14th floor of my building to run the last 10 minutes on the treadmill. But I’ll be totally and completely honest….I didn’t make it to #10. I successfull did 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30 and 20….but not 10.

I timed my workout and it took me about 17 minutes to complete and it was, without fail, the 17 most grueling minutes I’ve had in months. This workout is no joke. It’s hell on earth and you feel every second of the time you’re working it out.

100 Jumping Jacks
These were by far the hardest – holy crap! I stopped probably three times to breathe. I guess I haven’t done jumping jacks in a while. And from there, without a rest, I moved right into….

90 Crunches
These were pretty easy for me. All of the crunches were. But I guess that comes from my former trainer Matt making me do crunches with a 25 lb weight on my chest. Normal crunches felt easier.

80 Squats
Holy buckets, my thighs burned like crazy around 40 in. So I walked it off in between the last four sets of 10 and that helped a lot.

70 Leg Lifts
Now the one thing about this workout that sucks is it’s not super descriptive. I assumed 70 leg lifts meant 35 on each side, so that’s what I did. My left side is always weaker, so those were brutal but the rest did ok.

60 Jumping Jacks
These were EASY! After everything I’d just done, these felt super easy. However, after doing 60 jumping jacks straight, I got very very light headed, which eventually contributed to the fact that I didn’t run the 10 minutes. My advice would be, even if it seems easy, take a break or two to breathe, because light headed doesn’t help anything.

50 Crunches
I think these were ok, I was so light headed at this point, I may have passed out (J/K) – but really, after these crunches, I probably laid on the floor for 90 seconds just breathing.

40 Squats
This was, by FAR, the worst of the whole thing. I was tired, I was light headed, I was desperate to be done and almost quit. But I kept going and finished them.

30 Leg Lifts
Easy – 15 on each side.

20 Jumping Jacks
I pounded these out and then collapsed.

As I mentioned, I didn’t get to the 10 minutes running. I was shaky and light headed and didn’t think it wise to ride the elevator and then jump on a treadmill only to fall off and hurt myself. I’m writing this post almost immediately after cooling down from my workout and I won’t lie, I’m still shaking a little bit.

So here’s my overall advice: Stretch before hand, I didn’t and that was stupid. Drink water beforehand. Again, I didn’t and that was stupid. But give it a shot. I truly enjoyed it. I plan to prep a little better tomorrow, do the same workout, and hopefully get to the running next time! What a workout for 17 minutes. Crazy!

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