The 9 Reasons You’re Still Broke

Posted June 29, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

If at the end of the month, you look at your checkbook and say to yourself, “Ramen?”, you’re probably in a place where the word “broke” can sometimes describe your financial situation. Sure, your paycheck is too low and your rent is too high, and seriously, you can’t cut yoga and spin from your budget just as you can’t cut those designer shoes, right? But if at the end of the month, broke is your middle name, there might be some very specific reasons for your trouble.

LearnVest, the preeminent site for women and money, recently published “The 9 Reason You’re Still Broke” and the reasons, well, they’re pretty common but also phenomenally easy financial crimes to commit. My favorite “reasons”:

You’re gullible! From the way stores play with light to make “trick mirrors” to the music they play in the background, learn the pitfalls to avoid getting suckered in. Here are the top nine tricks stores use, straight from Martin Lindstrom, author of the book “Brandwashed.”

This explains why there’s a $100 floral dress in my closet that still has the tags on it. I bought it, why, because it was a single digit size….and frankly, this girl hasn’t fit into a single digit size since 1996! Vani-sizing got me all the way!

Find out which mistakes you’re making and view the full 9 reasons at LearnVest by clicking here.

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