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Posted March 17, 2013 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder
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This week, I’m headed on a business trip that will take me away from home for 8 days, and of course this presents numerous problems. Where will I find WiFi? Will I get through my email every day? How will I navigate driving and taking public transit in a city I don’t know well? Where will I eat? What will I eat? So today, I took some time to look through the “best of” on Career Girl and find some of my own advice of the past and the advice of our seasoned writers. And after a quick review, I’m ready for travel!

If you’re traveling now or in the future for business, take heed of these article and important tips:

  • Healthy Business Travel
    In 2012, I took you through my attempt to be healthy on a business trip, and succeeded! I’m reminded now that I can find great options on the road.
  • In Flight Reading
    Take some time while you’re on the road to catch up on magazines and books you’ve been wanting to devour. You have time on planes and in cars, take it!
  • 3 Tips to Avoid Trouble When Traveling AloneI wish we didn’t have to think about this as women, but we do. Safety is paramount when you’re a woman traveling without a friend or companion. Take time to consider your surroundings and become a savvier traveler.
  • Have Dress, Will Travel
    Packing is never easy, but especially for a business trip. Blazers are bulky, and wrinkles are the enemy. My secret weapon is a great professional dress. The dresses in this article are a few styles and shapes we recommend.
  • Working Offline While You Travel
    Being outside of wireless range can be maddening, but all it takes is a little planning to ensure you can get work done both online and off.

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