3 Tips on How to Wear Summer Dresses to Work

Posted May 31, 2013 by Baaba Grant-Acquah in Building Your Brand
Summer Dresses for Work


The one thing I love more than summer sandals, are summer dresses.  When the weather gets scorching hot, I love throwing on an easy breezy summer dress.

When it comes to wearing summer dresses to work, here are 3 tips to keep in mind:

1. Know your office.  “Summer Dress” can be a vague term and a summer dress in a conservative office can be very different from one in a creative office. If dark colors are the norm in your office, try a summer dress in black & white in a lighter fabric.  Maybe sleeveless dresses are not acceptable in your work environment, add a neutral cardigan for a more professional look.

2. You have the right to “bare arms”, but not all of your arm.  I usually don’t wear sleeveless in the office, mainly because it’s too cold and I need a cardigan or blazer to stay warm.  If you do wear sleeveless summer dresses, watch the size of your sleeves. Be careful of spaghetti straps, they can look unprofessional and might show a little too much skin, instead opt for a thicker straps that cover most of the shoulder.

3. Play with color, but watch your dress length. I love wearing my bright bold summer dresses for brunches and drinks with the girls, but I keep the shorter “cocktail” like dresses away from the office.  When wearing bold  & bright colors, it’s better to go a little longer in length to avoid the cocktail dress look.

Use your judgement when wearing summer dresses to work. Some summer dresses aren’t meant for work,  but some summer dresses can be great options for work.

What are your tips for wearing summer dresses to work?

How to Wear Summer Dresses to Work

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