The Closed Door

Posted January 26, 2010 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder

Baggage comes in all forms – relationships, specifically, but not just romantic ones.

In a previous job, I had a boss who would yell at someone for fun. I mean, really, she didn’t mind yelling in front of everyone. It was like a game for her. And she wasn’t ashamed of it. Everyone could hear you get yelled at when you did and it was embarrassing.

But every now and then, she’d close the door. And that’s when you knew it was really bad. Someone was getting fired or written up (or possibly beaten to death…..I kid, I kid). And still, almost a year into a new job, I have baggage about closed doors.

Now let’s explore the logical side of this equation. First, why do I close my door? Not generally for my own privacy, but instead to give respect to my colleagues. If I’m going to be on a 20 minute phone call negotiating a sponsorship or making 10 calls in a row to sell tickets or get price quotes, I generally close my door. They don’t need to hear me say, “Hi, this is Minneapolis Career Girl calling about speakers” 100 times in a row. It’s annoying. Why else do I close my door? Maybe I need to call my bank or my doctor or something like that.

But still, even though I know why I close my door, I still get nervous when a boss or CEO closes their doors. What did I do? What shouldn’t I hear? Who are they talking to? Am I in trouble? It brings up tons and tons of baggage. Baggage from a relationship…with a door. Is that really productive?

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