The Creative Career Girl’s Holiday Wish List

Posted December 20, 2012 by Marcy Farrey in Life After Five

All of us writers here at CGN have been tackling our Career Girl Holiday Wish Lists. At first, I wasn’t sure how I’d come up with one — I never know what to tell people to buy for me. It’s that strange thing that happens when we grow up. There’s no magical toy that we can’t wait to see under the tree.

So, I decided to think about what I’d enjoy having as an extra bonus. I came up with a mix of practical and fun, but I must warn you — a lot of these are gifts for the nerdy creative writer. So, if you know another writer or creative/artistic person, this might help you find what to get them!

  • A special writing space and community. If I had my own house, I would love to create my own special writing space, maybe even a library. But in the meantime, it would be great to have a designated place to write and to hang around with other writers. I’ve been wanting to get involved with StoryStudio Chicago, which is a place where writers can go to be with a community of writers and to take classes. It reminds me of The Loft in Minneapolis, where I met many fellow writers. You can gift someone a membership at places like these — and there’s organizations for all sorts of creative endeavors. It’s a great way to show someone how much you support his or her creative endeavors!
  • An editing room and tools. Since I also edit film and am working on a documentary, a space for video editing would be amazing — complete with soundproof walls, really awesome headphones, two giant screens for editing, and tons of hard drive space/power. But this is really a dream, and I realize not very practical at this point in time. But maybe someone can start me off with a pair of good, professional headphones?
  • Subscriptions to my favorite literary and industry magazines. I personally love Creative Nonfiction, Memoir Journal, Tin House, and Poets & Writers Magazine. There are just so many great magazines out there, but it seems impractical to purchase subscriptions to all of them. I would certainly read them if they came to my mailbox, and I’d be very grateful to the person who gave me that gift!
  • Cute but practical notebooks and journals. I love to collect blank journals and notebooks. Sometimes it takes me a long time to fill them, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m obsessed with them. I love ones that are funky and colorful or handmade. As a pre-teen, I used to write every day in journals that had glittery or textured covers. For a year, I only wrote in journals with velour covers. So strange, I know — Only in the 90s!
  • A year’s supply of Pilot G2 Pens. Seriously. These are my favorite pens and I wish I had one in every color.
  • A gift card to buy books. A gift card to a real, physical bookstore is best. I want to support bookstores and keep them alive! A gift card to an independent publisher’s online bookstore would be great as well.
  • A gift card to anything local and independent.¬†I love to support anything independent: bookstore, restaurant, or clothing store. My favorite is currently Jeans and a Cute Top Shop. It’s fantastic, fashionable, and affordable.

That’s my wish list this year! ¬†Anything you think I should add that I don’t yet know about?


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