The End to the Cleanse

Posted May 7, 2011 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

It’s Saturday and I’m finally eating solid food. And I have to say, the cleanse was unbelievably successful. Drinking juice for three days was, shockingly, not that difficult. In fact, the most difficult part of the cleanse was drinking all of the juices because I felt so full and nourished throughout the day. By the third day, the green juice tasted yummy and I didn’t want to gag during the beet juice.

Now, I’m slowly integrating solid foods back into my diet. A banana and a fruit smoothie for breakfast, vegetable broth for lunch. And so far, I’m feeling great.

The weight loss portion has been a pretty phenomenal piece for me as well. And I’m bound and determined to keep this weight loss permanent rather than cleanse temporary. Here’s a basic food and weight loss recap:

Friday, April 29 through Monday, May 2: During this time, I significantly cut carbohydrates and meat. Fruit and salads for breakfast and lunch, and curry for dinner. Saturday was almost 100% fruits and vegetables and a vegan risotto for dinner. Sunday same for breakfast  lunch and grilled fish for dinner. Down 2.2 lbs.

Tuesday, May 3: This was probably the most difficult day – had completely cut out carboydrates, all meat and only eating fruits and vegetables. It’s tough to get up over 1,000 calories on just fruits and veggies, so I was a little shaky and definitely should not have worked out, but I did. Down 3.8 lbs total.

Wednesday, May 4: First day of the cleanse (recap in post below). Down 5.4 lbs total.

Thursday, May 5: Cleanse day 2. Stayed on the cleanse 100% except for a handful of raw cashews. Down 7 lbs total.

Friday, May 6: Cleanse day 3. Great day! No weight loss change. Down 7 lbs total.

Saturday, May 7: First day getting back on food. Down 7.8 lbs total.

So the moral of the story is, from the time I started prep until today, I’m down 7.8 lbs. Faaaaantastic. I feel amazing. It’s visible that I’ve lost weight. And I’m happy to keep the ball rolling. I’d highly recommend the BluePrint Cleanse to anyone who needs a jumpstart on their healthy eating or weight loss. For me, it was like pushing a reset button. I now feel entirely differently about food than I did eight days ago, and I look forward to keeping up with the weight loss to finally shed the last (what is now) 12-15 lbs.

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