The Fashion Brands You Might Not Know, But Need To Love

Posted April 2, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand

Chances are, you’re familiar with the list of brands in the photo above. We’d all love to walk around with a Tiffany necklace and a Prada bag every day, but most of us just aren’t a part of that kind of income bracket. So today on Career Girl, we want to introduce you to some brands that are both stylish, great quality, and reasonably affordable you may not know about. You may have heard some of these names, but don’t know what they do or where to shop for them. We’re giving you the skinny on our favorite brands you should get to know.


Ivanka Trump

Celebrity designers have become incredibly popular in the last few years, and personally we’ve been wary of buying from these “would-be” fashion designers. Ivanka, though, is one BIG exception. She is a skilled designer who truly understands the American business woman, our needs in both fashion, comfort, and price point. Her shoes are incredibly comfortable, and her accessories line is classic and fresh all at once.

What we’re absolutely buying from Ivanka: Nude pumps! She has them in every heel height and toe style, it seems, and most for under $100. How will we ever choose?

Click here to access Ivanka’s full accessories and shoe line at


We’re all familiar with Donna Karan, and with DKNY, but did you know there’s a third brand in the family called DKNYC? It’s carried at Macy’s and is a dollar step down from DKNY, but with the same quality and long-lasting design style.

What we’re absolutely buying from DKNYC: Another pair of the Sophie flats! (I have one pair that’s lasted nearly 5 years already!)

Click here to access DKNYC at Macy’s.


Finding a brassiere that fits is damn near impossible for any woman in the world no matter your size or shape. So naturally, we all end up defaulting to some cheap or ill-fitting version of a Vickie’s bra or something we bought at a big box store. But if Oprah has anything to do with it (remember her national bra-fitting campaign a few years ago), we’ll all find a bra that works from here on out!

Well, ladies, we’ve found it! Natori. I attended an event at Natori in Chicago a while back, and found these bras were the most comfortable and supportive I’ve ever had, while also being fun and luxurious as well. But I couldn’t justify the price, as they usually come in at around $70.

But here’s the insider tip! Natori discounts to Nordstrom Rack. So run, don’t walk, and grab a Natori at Nordstrom for about $25!

Click here to go to Natori’s website.

Click here to find a Nordstrom Rack near you.

Christian Siriano for Payless

I won’t lie to you, Career Girls. I grew up in a town that had one option for kids shoes – Payless – for many years. So as an adult, I’ve had an incredible aversion to the store. I, like many other women, see them as having low quality shoes I couldn’t stand wearing. Last year, though, I was lured into a Payless to check out Project Runway’s alum Christian Siriano’s line for them. I bought a pair of black flats, and wore the heck out of them for over a year, and let me tell you, they’re still in great shape!

I went back to Payless for Christian’s new Spring line and bought another comfy pair of flats.

Click here to visit Christian Siriano for Payless.

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