The First Female Billionaire to Join the Giving Pledge

Posted May 13, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Leaders We Adore

Last year, Sara Blakely, the Founder of Spanx, became the first female self-made billionaire in the world. We wrote about it, and were so proud of Sara because not only was she self-made, she invented Spanx, damnit! It’s frankly, one of our favorite products here at CGN.

Last week, though, Sara racked up yet another incredible first by becoming the first female billionaire to join the Gates-Buffett pledge.

What is the Giving Pledge?

The Giving Pledge is an effort to help address society’s most pressing problems by inviting the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to commit to giving more than half of their wealth to philanthropy or charitable causes either during their lifetime or after their death.

Why is Sara’s Pledge So Important?

  • There are women who are a part of the pledge, but all of them listed are members of giving couples, giving families, etc. Sara will be the first who is giving based on her own wealth.
  • Because Spanx is a privately held company, Sara is not committing some billion dollars she has in the bank. She’s committing money that is a part of her company and her legacy.
  • She’s pledging, specifically, to invest in women! We love that, of course, but it’s important to note that she’s making this distinction.

Sara’s Pledge

This quote is taken from Sara’s actual pledge letter. Click here to read the whole thing:

“I pledge to invest in women because I believe it offers one of the greatest returns on investment. I am committed to the belief that we would all be in a much better place if half the human race (women) were empowered to prosper, invent, be educated, start their own businesses, run for office – essentially be given the chance to soar!”

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