The “Hot Desk” Phenomenon

Posted October 9, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

Co-working has taken the freelance and small business world by storm. All over the country, entrepreneurs, freelance writers, designers, and just plain cool people are coming together in spaces that combine ideas, copy machines, and happy hours. It’s like having a great big group of coworkers who all work for different companies. Career Girl Network is delighted to be a member of one of Chicago’s most innovative coworking spaces, 1871. And every day, Marcy Farrey and I, as the lone staff members at CGN, can decide if we’re going to settle in on a couch or sit at a desk or even lounge on a beanbag sack.

But these days, it seems more than just coworking spaces are taking on this flexible “where shall I sit today” kind of workspace. It’s called “hot desking,” and hip, trendy companies everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon. Inc. is talking about it in their article “Inside the Latest Office-Design Craze.” Hot desking is when companies get a work space, rather than offices or cubicles. Employees can choose daily where they sit, how they work, and who they sit next to.

Interested in hot desking in your company? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you really need to be plugged in? Does your company work with laptops or desktops?
  • Can you work without files on your desk that need to be there all day?
  • Are you interested in the freedom to move around?

Sure, if you’re working in a law firm, the partners might not love the idea of tossing offices and moving to beanbags, but you can try to find a happy medium. Perhaps you propose a conference room converted to a sitting area you can work in. Changing your surroundings could mean changing your productivity as well.

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