THE Key To Getting Your Ideas Off The Ground

Posted March 24, 2013 by Melissa Foster in On the Ladder
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How often do you get a big idea that feels meaningful inside? Maybe it’s to run a marathon, start a business, redecorate your home, or to travel the world.

And how often have you looked back and said “I wish I would have done it.”

It happens all too often that those bright, beautiful ideas slowly fade into nothingness.

Get Out Of Your Own Way

There is one thing standing between you and the actualization of your idea(s). Your head. Thoughts like “I’m too busy.” “I don’t know where to start.” “I don’t know how.”

Once an idea is born, you’ve got to take action within 24 hours or you’re statistically unlikely to do it. That’s all it takes to create energy and momentum towards what you’re wanting!

Don’t wait. Start today.

It’s all about tiny, consistent action in the general direction of your goal.

If you are not even facing in the direction of your goal, there is zero chance of getting there. It’s time to pivot. All it takes to change your trajectory is to take one ridiculously tiny act of interest towards “the idea.”

What’s one baby step can you take TODAY?


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    Melissa, you are 100% correct! I’ve never been a procrastinator, thankfully, but when I first had the idea of releasing my back-care videos, I had no idea how to start! I’d never done anything that massive or that technology-heavy. So I just started–one baby step at a time–and learned as I went along. And you know what? Fourteen months later I have a product of which I can be very proud, and a wealth of knowledge I can share with others. So yes, Career Girls, start today on whatever it is you’re dreaming about! Baby steps lead to great things! Thanks, Melissa, for the reminder.

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