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Last week, I wrote “Have Dress: Will Travel” and sang the praises of the perfect business dresses that both impress in the office and travel well. What was missing in this post was an LBD. Of course, every woman needs a “Little Black Dress” – but you also need an LBBD – “Little Black Business Dress.” Whether it’s a Diane Von Furstenberg style wrap dress or a sheath, you have to find what works best for you.

And I, my friends, have found it. The perfect LBBD. Not only perfect for business, but perfect for planes. There’s nothing worse than having to get off a plane and right into a meeting, hoping the whole time your suit doesn’t wrinkle. Enter Spanx. No, not the undergarments, the clothing! Perhaps you didn’t know Spanx made clothes, but they do. And while I was reluctant to order it at first, when it arrived in my mailbox this weekend, I couldn’t have been happier.

It’s the perfect length, the perfect look, wrinkle free, and as comfortable as leggings or a housecoat. Seriously! This is my new “go-to” flying outfit. I know I’ll feel confident running off the plane and into a meeting in this simple, classic dress.

Pick it up for yourself at for only $88.

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