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Posted September 5, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand
Our friends over at Corporette recently went on “The Hunt: The Perfect Interview Bag.” They gave great examples of easy, simple, black bags that are perfect for interviewing in any setting. And while we love their suggestions (especially the Tory Burch bag), we think you can go a little less conservative for an interview bag if you’d like and really show some style.

The Necessities of a Good Interview Bag:

  • Size matters. It has to be big enough to contain your notebook or portfolio, perhaps a bottle of water, and maybe even a change of shoes if you’re walking to your interview.
  • Make sure it’s easy in, easy out. The last thing you want to be doing is digging through your bag looking for a pen while you’re introducing yourself.
  • It should say something about you and your style. Make it clean and crisp and classic to show you know how to put together a stellar outfit for your interview.

Here they are, our recommendations for the best interview bags in multiple price points:

  • $500+If you really want to impress, go with the class Coach leather. But we recommend grabbing it in a color that speaks to your personality like the beautiful emerald green below. It comes in red, brown, and grey. Pick it up for $598 at

  • $250-500

We love the simple, clean lines of the shape of Kate Spade’s Bon Shopper. This patent leather version is gorgeous. Sure, it’s black. But the patent finish makes it special. And if you’re feeling really daring, grab the purple. Check it out here at for $258.

  • $100-200

We love Lo & Sons and their Savoy bag. It’s simple, classic, and easy to slip a portfolio into. Sure, you can buy it in black. But think about chocolate or even red. At $175, it’s a fantastic utilitarian bag for an interview in  any industry or company. Click here to check it out!









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