The Power of a One-Sentence Journal

Posted December 3, 2012 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder

We’ve told you about happiness expert Gretchen Rubin before on Career Girl Network. Her work on the concepts behind happiness, specifically for women, are revolutionary, and her ability to convey the most important happiness concepts in a clear and digestible way for all of us is inspiring.

A recent article Gretchen wrote pointed to a practice of hers dating back to 2007, one I had never heard before and blew my mind – the one-sentence journal. Journaling is hard for many women, but it’s something that shows up in every self-help or thought-provoking article about self-care and leadership. Some say we should journal about what happened in our day, others recommend gratitude journals, and some have specific tactics to plan the next day in the form of journaling. No matter the tactic you take, journaling inevitably takes time and effort in your day, something that easily gets thrown to the wayside for an episode of The Daily Show or just being too tired.

Gretchen Rubin’s “one sentence journal” is the easiest option for journaling you’ll ever find. Gretchen says,

Keeping this journal is a project that adds to my happiness in all of these ways: it helps keep happy memories vivid (because I’m much more inclined to write about happy events than unhappy events); it gives me a reason to thinking lovingly about my family; it’s manageable, so it doesn’t make me feel burdened; it makes me feel like a good mother who is passing happy memories along to my children; and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment and progress.

Start your own one-sentence journal today. Because, truly, when you look back at your days, one by one, isn’t there just one thing that sticks out more than anything? Write that thing down, and you’ll have a year’s full of memories to sustain you!

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