The Richer Sex – Changing the Game

Posted March 23, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

One could say author Liza Mundy has the greatest PR team of all time. Her book, The Richer Sex came out on March 20th, and on March 15th, TIME Magazine ran it as their cover story. As women, we can all thank heavens for her PR team, as they’ve opened a discussion long needed in America.

Mundy’s book features a shifting of gender roles, a positive change for women in America. For years, women have struggled to find a partner and men have traditionally been uncomfortable with women who make more money than they do. Mundy’s research shows this assumption is changing and more men are willing to “marry up.” In fact, many men respect their wives for making more money than they do. In the future, more households will be financially run by women than by men. We are becoming “The Richer Sex.” Today, 40 percent of women out-earn their male counterparts, and this percentage is slowly rising and will soon be the majority.

The interesting dichotomy in this discussion, though, remains pay equity. While Lisa Mundy proves that women will soon eclipse their partners, on the whole as breadwinners, there is still great disparity in pay between women and men at similar levels in similar jobs. So while we’re gaining wealth as a gender, we’re still having difficulty breaking through a glass ceiling of pay in our work.

What I know for sure is this: this conversation has to be had. What does money mean for women? What power does it give us? Does it matter if we make more money than our husbands if we make less money than the men we work with? What do you think? Comment here, and consider picking up a copy of Lisa Mundy’s book today – click here to order.

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