The Rise of the “Microjob”

Posted August 2, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Career Moves

You likely have friends who are freelancers – either for a single company or for multiple companies. You also likely know individuals who are consultants, either in-house with a consulting firm or with their own consulting roster. And of course you know individuals with full-time in-house jobs with corporations or organizations. But there’s a new kind of job market rising in the United States and around the world – it’s the rise of the “microjob.”

What, you might ask, is a microjob, exactly? Here is a great definition from Joy George at SooperArticles:

A micro job is a task offered at an online portal, which is of a low cost to the person handling the same. Most of these jobs are handled online, especially by freelancers through freelancing sites offering the services. With the number of online activities and businesses booming, the need for short term, low paying tasks is on the raise, as many people have decided to venture in the online freelancing job, and deliver their services at a fee.

Forbes jumped on the microjob buzzword bandwagon recently with the article “Can’t Get a Job? Get a Microjob!” Forbes recommends “eLance, TaskRabbit, Fiverr, 99designs and” … “virtual employment offices offering gigs you can pick up and put down as needed. Sometimes you bid on jobs and sometimes you post your own ad, whether serious or offbeat.”

A microjob might be right for you if you are:

  • Between jobs and looking for a few bucks here and there to pay the bills.
  • The kind of person who likes unpredictable schedules and can deal with unpredictable pay.
  • Love interacting with lots of different types of people and learning about multiple types of businesses.
  • Are confused about your career direction and want to explore multiple fields and tasks.

We’ll see it more and more as time goes on – these kinds of microjobs, virtual assistants, etc. will make life easier for businesses and owners and will bring new opportunities to individual contractors.

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