The Single Career Girl: Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Posted November 3, 2012 by Marcy Farrey in Life After Five

I’ve shared my experiences with singles mixers and speed dating. Now it’s time to get to the good stuff! What about using matchmaking services?

Matchmaking services are certainly pricier and they require a commitment. You will be expected to go on dates, and if you are someone who has trouble making time or following through, these types of services will hold you accountable.

In my journey thus far, I’ve found matchmaking services to be the best route. I met high quality singles, and I felt a lot more comfortable knowing someone screened my date beforehand. But matchmaking isn’t just one-on-one. There are other services that do matchmaking on a group level. I’ll talk about my experiences with both.

Small Group Matchmaking

A few months ago, I became a member of 8 at 8. Four men and four women are set up for dinner. You share your preferences in a date so you are matched with the likeminded people. If you happen to sign up for a dinner and there are not four suitable men that meet your criteria, the matchmakers will let you know and have you sign up for another event. This way, you never dine with people you wouldn’t potentially be interested in. I’ve been on three dinners thus far, and all have been enjoyable. I have not yet found my match or gone on a date as a result, but I met quality people. I even made a few new single girlfriends! As with any other dating service, you can’t expect to find the perfect person instantly. And as with anything, to get higher quality, you have to pay more.

One-on-One Matchmaking

I did not, unfortunately, have the money to hire my own matchmaker, but I was able to sign up to be matched with a matchmaker’s male clients. While it was a little nerve-racking to go on a blind date, the matchmaker took care of all the arrangements. She made sure I was comfortable and even advised how I should close the date depending on whether or not I was interested. We were never required to exchange numbers, and the matchmaker followed up after the date. Unfortunately, I was not interested in the gentleman I went on a date with, but the matchmaker let her client know there would not be a second date. I did not have to get involved.

Here’s a few things to consider when it comes to matchmaking:

  • Check prices. Again, this is a pricier service. Shop around and put money aside if you are serious about it.
  • Be open. You have to trust the matchmaker and give each person a fair shot.
  • Find one with a style you like. Love trying new restaurants and meeting new people? Try the group experience. Want the focus to just be on you? Find a matchmaker who you click with and who seems to get you. Do an initial meeting with different matchmakers to find the right fit.

Have any of you tried a matchmaking service? Any horror or success stories? I want to hear them!

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