The Strange and Adorable Way to Improve Your Concentration at Work

Posted October 3, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five
Be honest: at least one time in your life, you’ve spent hours browsing cute cat or puppy pictures online. My favorite commercial of late is the one where the young girl is criticizing her parents for their lack of social interaction, and ends the commercial looking down at her Facebook page and saying, “That is not a really puppy.” It’s such a strong depiction of our time and the way we choose to waste time at work.

But what if those adorable little seals and babies dressed as rutabagas could actually be helping your concentration? The Wall Street Journal is telling us it might just be true!

Such is the “Power of Kawaii”, as a paper documenting the research is appropriately titled. The Japanese word “kawaii” means cute. The paper was published in the online edition of the U.S. journal Plos One on Thursday. Through three separate experiments a team of scientists from Hiroshima University showed that people showed higher levels of concentration after looking at pictures of puppies or kittens.

So to help your concentration……here you go….

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