“She Has Amazing Arms!” The Truth about Muscle Envy

Posted October 2, 2013 by Sara Hauber in Life After Five
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Recently, while approaching the checkout at Whole Foods, I said hello to the cashier and was greeted with,

She has amazing arms!

Referring to the woman who checked out in front of me, the cashier’s eyes were wide and her jaw dropped to add effect to her exclamation.

I shrugged my shoulders and looked her in the eye, saying without affect,

All it takes is hard work.

Pausing, the cashier composed herself and said,

Yeah, I hate working out. I guess I’ll stick with my cupcakes and TV shows.

I loved this interaction because I think we sometimes forget that most things in life are achievable if you want them badly enough and put in the hard work to get them. This fact is especially true when it comes to body-related stuff. I have always said that the human body was so much fun because, with the right information and the right effort (see my piece on specificity), you can do pretty much anything you want with it.

(I posted a great visual of Christian Bale demonstrating this fact on my Facebook page recently.)

If this cashier had really wanted “amazing arms” like the woman in front of me in line, she’d have gone to the gym and pumped iron a few times a week, and maybe traded out some nights of cupcakes and TV for some workouts.

So the next time you find yourself envying what someone else has, ask yourself, what are you doing to get it for yourself?

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Sara Hauber

Sara Hauber, M.A., is a certified wellness coach, yoga teacher, and functional-fitness specialist whose mission is to help you overcome obstacles to achieve radiant health and vitality. Since undergoing complete spinal fusion for scoliosis, Sara has been empowering others to transform their bodies, eliminate pain, and embrace joy, love, and life. In 2012 she introduced The Hauber Methodâ„¢, her signature at-home method for eliminating back pain: haubermethod.com.


    Melissa diLeonardo

    Great post, Sara! True in all aspects of life. Hard work and determination yields results. Peace.


      Thanks, Melissa! It’s that “hard work” part that seems so daunting, isn’t it? Or, when the road is a long one, becoming inpatient is the kiss of death: It throws determination out the window. I think that’s why working with a fitness pro, someone who’s done the hard work and stuck it out through the long, difficult road, makes such a huge difference for clients who are trying to change their bodies. I love that our own experience can help improve someone else’s life!

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