There Will Be Naysayers: Dealing With Being Challenged

Posted April 3, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand

It has been seven weeks since I left my stable and well-paying job to become an entrepreneur, and four weeks since I launched the Career Girl Network website publicly. But it’s been years that I dreamed of this business and the stability to be able to pursue my dreams full time. I’m lucky to be supported by a loving cheerleader of a husband, a group of friends who support me and cheer me on, and family that wants me to succeed. So imagine my surprise to find….my, oh, my….naysayers! Living in seven weeks of positive feedback, I had prepared myself for the appearance of the negativity and skepticism, but I was concerned about how I might react to this kind of challenging conversation.

Recently, I experienced for the first time in my journey of entrepreneurship, true challenge and serious skepticism from someone who is incredibly close to me. I knew this skepticism was coming. I knew it was a reality. But the way I reacted to it was surprising. I expected being challenged by a loved one on the basis of my endeavors would be difficult. And it was. I expected it to be frustrating. And it was. But I also expected to feel sad, angry, and burdened this type of negativity. I don’t. After being questioned directly about the viability of my business, my plans for the future, and my choices surrounding leaving my full time job and pursuing entrepreneurship, I feel even more strongly that what I’m doing will not only work, it will create change that moves forward the plight of women in the workforce.

The quote above resonated strongly with me today and applies directly to my business. I will be challenged in this process. I will challenge myself, my thoughts, my dreams. And others will challenge them as well. But I know now that being challenged won’t defeat me, it will fuel me. Having to defend my decisions shows me how easy they are to believe in, how right I was in the processes that have gotten me here, and how clearly I’ve set myself on the path for success.

I hope that in your career, whether in a high rise building or at home or in a coffee shop somewhere, you look at those naysayers, those challengers, as opportunities and not negativity. When someone says, “No you can’t”, give yourself the opportunity not just to say, “Yes, I can”, but to really convince them and yourself of your strengths, plans, and abilities surrounding the skepticism.

What have you been challenged with recently? And how did you overcome the opinions of those naysayers in your life?

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