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3 Simple Ways to Love Your Job

Posted April 3, 2014 by Abby McDonald in Career Moves
If I were to ask you to list 5 things that you love about your job Career Girl, I could bet that you would hum and ha and zone right in on all the things that you can’t stand.

I know this because I’ve heard the same response for the past 13 years in the Executive Search industry.

And guess what?

Usually 9 times out of 10, a candidate will get right into listing all of the company bureaucracy, politics, and not to mention the drama.

Now don’t get me wrong some of it may be true, but because I’m a student of human behavior and a lover of “psycho babble stuff”, in 5 minutes flat I’m able to determine where a person is energetically in the interview just by the order of their response from listing what’s negative first, to what’s positive last.

Yes indeed, most people LOVE bashing what they hate about their jobs.

Why is that?  What makes a person automatically zoom in on all of the negative stuff first.  Are you telling me that there’s not ONE thing that you like?


So here’s a word of advice.

Promote what you love and stop bashing what you hate.

Let me explain why.

The more you focus your attention on all that’s wrong, you magnify the problem further, AND you create a wedge between where you are and where you want to be in your career.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that sometimes we may have to accept a position that isn’t the most ideal, however, it’s all in perception.

Say if you shifted the way you view things by looking at the whole picture, and that your current position is part of the puzzle taking you from A to Z.

In other words, instead of forming a linear, perception in your mind of your current job from a place of “Lack”, why not view it from a more holistic perspective.

Here’s the thing – if you truly want to step into who you “Really Are” in the realm of your career, you’ve simply need to shift your perception of yourself to a whole place and not from a place of lack.

What that means in blatant terms is be grateful.

You see, gratitude is powerful.  It’s an activator and helps you to see yourself as whole and not lacking anything at all.  And once you feel good within about all that’s going for you, you position yourself to receive more to be happy about.

So on that note…..

Here’s 3 Simple Ways On How To Love The Heck Out Of Your Job:

  1. When someone asks you about your job, hone in on all the good stuff 1st, and then list out the not-so-good stuff.
  2. Whenever you have a tough day, and we ALL have them, isolate the incident as a “One Off” by looking at the whole picture.
  3. When you catch yourself daydreaming about your ideal career, remind yourself that your current job is a necessary step in the process to achieving your dream.

I guarantee that if you get in the practice of this, things will start shifting in your favour, opportunities will start popping up, AND you’ll get a higher call back rate.

Putting you one step closer to where you truly want to be!


About the Author

Abby McDonald

Abby McDonald knows what it’s like to live life fiercely and courageously. She started out her Career in the Financial Services Industry 17 years ago with the intent of becoming a Trader only to be fired to her dismay. Through a lot of soul searching she stumbled upon the Executive Search business 13 years ago, while successfully running her own firm for the past 6 years called Dynamic Synergy Group Inc. Abby McDonald has coached and interviewed many people over the years and has developed a love and passion for helping women to discover who they “Really Are” in both their Life & Career. Her latest business venture is www.talkwithabby.com a spiritually infused, inspirational site offering Life & Career coaching services as well as providing a platform for Advice for those who seek it.