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Time to Detox: The Devil of Social Media

Posted April 1, 2014 by Amanda Boleyn in Life After Five
A few weeks ago I woke up on a Friday morning, grabbed my phone, and started checking the notifications from all my social media outlets. I found myself scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. After awhile I looked at the time on my phone and freaked out.

Are you serious, I just wasted the last 20 minutes scrolling through social media, really? Come on, Amanda.

That morning I deactivated my Facebook and deleted all social media apps from my phone. Social media wasn’t only hijacking me of my time, but it was also hijacking my mind. I forgot about my own life because I allowed myself to get so caught up in what other people were doing!

During the time of deactivation my life was a lot quieter. I didn’t feel the need to spend time checking my notifications because the notifications from Facebook didn’t exist. I was able to focus on the here and now.

After a week, I reactivated Facebook and downloaded all the social media apps with caution.  I turned off my notifications, I made it more work for me to get to my social media apps by placing them on my secondary page, and I made sure I was in the right mindset.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed lately. It may be time to take a step back and give yourself a social media detox.

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Amanda Boleyn

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