Tips for Multitasking Successfully

Posted July 16, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

You may have heard recently that busy mom and fashion maven Victoria Beckham admitted that she once drove her kids to school…..missing one child! We’ve all been there. Think of what she was doing. Probably getting backpacks packed, lunches ready, checking email on her Blackberry, taking a phone call for work, trying to swing through Starbucks and oh, yeah, look flawless at the same time. She was doing what all women do, mothers or not….multitasking…..unsuccessfully.

Well in light of Victoria Beckham’s mishap, Brazen Careerist gives us “Tips for Multitasking Succssfully,” and trust me, we all need to read this one. Personally, as someone who can often be found with the television on, listening to a YouTube video, typing an article for Career Girl, and texting my best friend at the same time, I understand first hand that multitasking isn’t always time saving, so I’m taking these tips to heart. My favorite suggestion from Brazen Careerist is below:

Rope in a friend to help

If your side project is becoming too much, share the load. Don’t force yourself to organize your entire wedding on your own; get your other half to do something or god forbid, your mother and mother-in-law will be too happy to help. Just ask them to keep their status updates until the evening or weekend; no one likes your mother’s urgent calls at 2 p.m. to discuss fuscia floral arrangements.

If you’re planning a reunion, friend’s night out or soccer match, remember there are other people involved, and share the load. There’s always someone less busy than you who is likely willing to help out.

I forget constantly to ask for help – even from my husband. I’ll carry coffee, bagels and Diet Coke for a block before he remembers to say, “Hey, can I help you?” I just spend so much time trying to do it on my own.

Read the rest of Brazen Careerist’s article by clicking here.

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