Stay Warm and Stylish in the Cold: 5 Tips for Wearing a Cardigan

Posted February 1, 2013 by Baaba Grant-Acquah in Building Your Brand
I walked in to my office last week and noticed my co-worker was wearing a blanket, or at least what I thought was a blanket.  She actually had on a snuggie (a sleeved blanket), and even though I knew she was comfortable, I felt as though there were more stylish options available to keep  her warm. When it’s cold outside and even colder in the office, the cardigan can be a great stylish option to stay warm.

When you want to stay warm in the cold, and want stylish options, try incorporating cardigans into your wardrobe.  Here are my 5 tips for wearing cardigans:

  1. Buy a color that works for you-There is no point in buying a green cardigan that you will never wear since you never wear green. Buy a color that compliments the clothes that you currently have so that it can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe.
  2. Buy one that fits-I think this goes without saying but I have fallen victim to buying a too tight cardigan because “it was soooo cute” and I never wore it.
  3. Incorporate it into your wardrobe– Some look at the cardigan as “as is” but it can be very flexible & versatile. Roll up the sleeves, wear it with a collared shirt, or add a stylish necklace for a more luxurious feel. Find a look that works for you.
  4. Don’t be afraid to layer-A cardigan can be worn over a sweater, yes a sweater! There are a lot of oversized, big cardigans available to add that extra layer of warmth.
  5. Wear one with a print or embellishments-A basic black cardigan is classic, but I love the uniqueness a print or embelished cardigan can add to a simple outfit.

 How do you incorporate cardigans into your wardrobe? Check out some cardigan love below. If you’re looking for additional ways  to style your cardigan, check out Brit + Co.’s “10 Ways to Style A Cardigan.”

the Cardigan

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