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Posted November 19, 2012 by Guest Writer in Building Your Brand

I have a confession to make. When I started my marketing and sales blog, I simply gave it a whirl. I already read incessantly and thought it would be fun to write about my reactions and ideas. Little did I know that six months later I’d find blogging to be a blast, and a couple thousand people would actually visit my site.

Starting a blog should be playful and fun. Here are some tips I discovered while I was starting:

  1. Carefully choose a topic you’re passionate about. You’ll be writing over the long haul. Soul search and determine if you truly enjoy reading, learning, and writing about your topic. Think long term and consider keeping the topic general. This creates the opportunity to branch out and explore something related later.
  2. Research. Putting your ideas and thoughts on the internet for everyone to see is thrilling and a little scary too. Criticism of your blog is unavoidable; however, prevent some of it and position yourself as an expert by referring to articles and research from credible sources.
  3. Define and own your personal brand. Sound familiar from my last CGN post? A blog is a fabulous way to showcase your personal brand, values, and ideas; however, I have another confession. I didn’t think of this when I began writing. As I started writing, I began to notice patterns of adjectives and personal values that helped me to further define and own my brand.
  4. Provide valuable content consistently. Readers are looking for value. Make sure your content solves a problem, provides insight, is inspirational, or tells a story. And make time to write at least once per month to start.
  5. Keep track of your ideas. When you begin, you’ll have plenty of ideas, and will need to keep track of them. I use Google calendar to schedule when I’m posting content, and the Evernote application to store articles for research, ideas, and more.

Have you just started a blog or happen to be an expert? What advice would you give?

Guest Writer: Nicole Wetzell

A city girl with small town flare, Nicole Wetzell is an enthusiastic sales and integrated marketing professional for the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University. Always striving for excellence (but not perfection!), she delights in connecting with people and creating memorable and unique experiences for customers. Learn more about Nicole at nicolewetzell.com.

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