Too Much Celebration: How to Get Through the Holiday Slump

Posted July 1, 2013 by Monica O'Connell in Life After Five

Independence day is just around the corner and you may be prepared for the celebration, the fireworks and maybe a long weekend.  The topic of celebration has been on my radar for a few different reasons and I wanted to talk to you about it.  The summer for many seems to inspire lots of different kinds of more obvious celebrations: weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and graduations.  I know lots of spring and summer babies so it’s also a big birthday celebration time.  And in these moments, it seems as though people struggle.

Perhaps the struggle comes from the stress of the situation.

For example

  • Graduating means a big transition out of the role of being a student and into the next step, whatever that may be.  It means endings of relationships with the cohort and the professors and for many it means reexamining the next set of goals.  All of those may be compiled and front and center so that the celebration of the accomplishment gets set to the side.
  • Birthdays are another common celebration that may leave some people feeling not the best.  For some people birthdays bring a bit of nostalgia, some people describe the feeling as melancholy.  Often times people create expectations internally that aren’t realistic.  Maybe it’s the creation of how I might feel on my birthday and if I don’t feel that exact way, I’m let down.  For some people it’s the external expectation of our family members and friends to celebrate our birthdays a certain way and when it doesn’t happen the way we’ve created, we feel let down.

Creating space to celebrate yourself in the way that YOU want to be celebrated is how we get out of these stuck feelings.  The very best way I can get my needs met is by meeting my own needs.  If I want poppy flowers for my birthday, I can guarantee myself I’ll get some.  I let others off the hook and I make sure I take care of myself.  It also leaves space for my friends and family to love me in the best way that they know how which thankfully is different from the way that I love myself.

Also, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I wrote this post last week and in my email box got a letter from Mara Glatzel in my inbox about Celebrations! I’ve mentioned her stuff before about body love. If this celebration stuff was really speaking to you, she’s offering an e-course on exactly that: Celebrations! I love her stuff and I love her soul.  You can also sign up for FREE emails which are basically love letters for you. Each one I receive, I take the time to read and adore.  In the last one, “Celebration is Self-Love in action.” 


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