Track Time Wisely – CGN Recommends the Erin Condren Calendar

Posted March 14, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five
There are products you love, and then there are products you just can’t stop talking about. The Erin Condren calendar is just that kind of product. In December, when I ordered my 2012 Calendar from, I couldn’t stop talking about it so much that four of my friends ordered their own within about a week.

In the age of iEverything, a paper calendar may seem archaic. But when you see the inside of an Erin Condren calendar, you might change your mind and decide to add this badboy to your time tracking arsenal.Below is a photo of one week in my own Erin Condren calendar. As you can see, the calendar is split into three sections – Morning, Day, and Night. There are so many things the calendar can track. Of course, meetings and appointments. But more than that, use it to track your eating and exercise, set goals (there are “to do” and “goals” sections in every week and larger sections before every month), and track important dates.

It might be a strange time of the year to order a new calendar, but I simply had to share with you the big deal that’s happening at right now. They’re offering 40% off any 2012 calendar. You’ve only missed a few months – get it now while you can! Click here now to pick your own calendar cover and enter the world of the best calendar ever. CGN highly recommends.

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