The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job You’re Passionate About

Posted July 3, 2013 by Irene Kotov in Career Moves
If you’re like most women I know, money is not your only motivator at work.

You want your job to have meaning. You want it to provide you with fulfillment and opportunities for growth.

The good news is that you’re not alone. What’s even better is that the abundance of Internet knowledge and connections puts a lot of the right tools you need right at your fingertips.

The bad news is that many women fall prey to a false belief that swapping a boring, meaningless job for one which you love is something that can be achieved by reading a few blog posts.

Knowledge Means Nothing.

The truth of it is that no amount of content (including this article) will make any difference to your life – unless you put it to practice.

The Internet has been great at providing us with the knowledge we need to change our lives. Ironically, consumption of knowledge has also become a great distraction which prevents women from making any real difference to their lives.

Reading and watching online content will make you more well-informed. The next step is to implement that information into your life

The Problem Is Not The Job.

It’s also a fallacy to think that on your quest to have an amazing job the only pieces of the puzzle you have to solve are to search for it, apply for it and somehow magically nail the interview.

For most people who are unhappy in their job, their dissatisfaction has a lot more to do with the way they engage their job and their views about people (including themselves), rather than the job itself.

Many women leave one job after another, thinking that “next one will be the one” (do you notice the similarity to personal relationships?) and find themselves in exactly the same situation at their new job.

What’s Really Involved.

The first step in your quest to have a job you’re passionate about is to ask yourself – what has stopped you from having one until now?

And here’s the catch – you can not use anything or anyone outside yourself to answer that question. Which means lack of time, money or that nasty boss are off the table.

Any time you use something outside yourself to explain your problems, you’re denying yourself an opportunity to do anything about it. You’re losing personal power by blaming circumstances and other people. So the first step is to begin training yourself out of that habit.

Supercharge Yourself.

Here are a few related habits which will help you on your journey:

  • willingness to be honest with yourself
  • becoming more and more self-aware
  • letting go of habits which don’t serve you
  • letting go of friendships which don’t serve you
  • being OK with failure (without it you can’t have success)
  • developing yourself in integrity, time management and leadership

Be Generous.

And, perhaps most importantly, what really helps is at least an inkling of genuine desire to become curious about needs of other people.

We get so bogged down in our own wants and needs (or we have an experience in our past which has taught us not to be generous) that we alienate people around us. We end up coming across as jerks, despite our best intentions.

We don’t realize it, but it leaves us with less opportunities to have the kind of career we want.

How Long Will It Take?

The main difference between women who consciously change their lives for the better and the ones whose lives just stay the same is that the former types accept the long-term nature of that process.

When you’re on a mission to quit your dead-end job and become the kind of person who can attract and keep the one you love,  1 weeks’ progress might seem infuriatingly slow. But you can do quite a lot over the course of 1 year. You can completely turn your life around in 3 years.

And you can become an person of considerable influence in your niche in 5.

A Bright Future.

Do you know where you want to be in 5 years’ time? If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t go anywhere.

You’ll just spend years taking actions which will pull you in different directions, the net effect of which will be negligible.

One thing you can do to get moving towards your dreams is to spend some of today with a clean sheet of paper, writing down what your ideal working week looks like.

Doing this will give you a lot of clarity about your goals.

Take The Blue Pill?

Notice your resistance to doing this. The thought of physically finding a clean sheet of paper, sitting down and doing work to create your future seems a lot less attractive than to browse elsewhere for more career-related articles.

That resistance is a part of you which is not interested in your life changing for the better. That part of you is interested in you having a safe, boring job, avoiding risks and preserving the status quo.

The faculties of awareness, fulfilment and passion are not part of its reality; it’s only concerned with survival.

Which means that right now you have a choice – which path for your life are you going to choose from this moment onward? More of survival? Or something which you were born to do?

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