You Spent How Much?! Valentine’s Day Facts For the Frugal Career Girl

Posted February 12, 2013 by Danielle Bilbruck in Life After Five
As Valentine’s Day is approaching, I’m going to do something a little unusual and, instead of talking about what to do on that special (or not-special, depending on who you are) day, I’d rather remind us all of our resolutions that we made earlier this year (by the way…how are you doing on those?) Many of us made resolutions to be better with our money this year, and that’s a series that I will be discussing thoroughly in the coming weeks: how to be a Frugal Career Girl. We’ll talk about how to make extra money, how to save what you need to, paying off your debt little by little, and how to cut corners that we didn’t even realize were there.

For now, though, in the spirit of the upcoming holiday (and in the middle of tax season), feast your eyes on this infographic from H&R Block. Then think about the resolutions you may have made this year to be frugal…or to lose weight, for that matter…and maybe you’ll join me in making the decision to not be part of the $1,011 billion that is spent on chocolate every 14th of February! Holy crap!

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, and get ready to buckle down next week to have some real talk and practical application about your finances!



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