A Vision Board for Your Health

Posted May 15, 2013 by Sara Hauber in Life After Five
Create a vision board to achieve your health goals.

What does cutting out pictures have to do with your health?

Vision boards are a mainstay in life coaching and popular self-help circles. The theory behind vision boards is that if you can see or visualize what it is you want or the outcomes you want to achieve in your life, business, or career, you are more likely to achieve them.

To make a vision board, different methods are employed. You can flip through old magazines (yard sales are a great source, as are services like Freecycle.org), cutting out photos and phrases that represent your greatest dreams, goals, and desires and pasting them on a big piece of poster board. Pinterest offers an easy way to create a vision board using the myriad images and ideas stored online, and you can access your board anywhere there is an internet connection. Or you can get creative with crayons, markers, or colored pencils and let your inner artist run wild as you spill your dreams and goals onto draft paper in colors of your choosing.

Whatever your method, your vision board, when complete, should make your heart scream YES! when you look at it. It should be a true statement of what you most want from life.

As a wellness coach, I have used vision boards to help clients get clear about what it is they want to achieve from their coaching or fitness training sessions. What is it that they really signed up to achieve in the long run? What is the big driver behind their decision to pay for an expert’s help to improve their health? Is it really losing weight, or is it much more than that? (Hint: It’s usually much more than, and very different from, what they originally thought.)

But there’s a huge, gaping hole in the theory behind vision boards. In my next post, I’ll alert you to that gap and let you know how to bridge it with a complementary tool that no vision can be achieved without.

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Sara Hauber, M.A., is a certified wellness coach, yoga teacher, and functional-fitness specialist whose mission is to help you overcome obstacles to achieve radiant health and vitality. Since undergoing complete spinal fusion for scoliosis, Sara has been empowering others to transform their bodies, eliminate pain, and embrace joy, love, and life. In 2012 she introduced The Hauber Methodâ„¢, her signature at-home method for eliminating back pain: haubermethod.com.


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