Vision Board Reinvented

Posted August 9, 2011 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder
My friends know that over the years, I’ve become quite attached to my beloved Vision Boards. From all over, the internet, magazines, books, and more, I cut out inspirational photos, words, and other text and paste it on a big white poster board to remind me of my goals. I’ve realized, though, not every corporate environment allows for a big posterboard full of quotes and running shoes in your office. And working from home, I’m not so sure decoupage is in my decor plan. So I’ve come up with a good solution for a vision board for those who don’t have room or the ability to have a big poster board near them.

A digital picture frame! It’s GENIUS! (no humility here, kids) From here on out, when something inspires me, drives me, excites me, etc. I’ll snap a photo of it, scan it, email it, right click and save it, whatever I need to do. And I’ll load it on the photo frame once used for family and friends (who I’m sure won’t mind being replaced with goals and dreams). It’s the perfect compromise to vision boardless office.

The moral of the story is this: know what’s important to you. Know what you need to have around you. And even if you can’t get it the way you’re used to having it, make do!

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Marcy Twete is a career fundraiser turned corporate responsibility executive, a career and networking expert and the author of the book "You Know Everybody! A Career Girl’s Guide to Building a Network That Works."