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Waaaaaake Up: 3 Alternatives to the Sunday Paper

Posted July 21, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Features


When Sunday morning comes along, my husband routinely hops out of bed and grabs the paper from outside our door. For the next two hours, he’s either in bed or on our couch reading both of the Sunday papers we get – the Chicago Sun Times and the New York Times. Me? Not so much. Now, here’s the thing. It’s not that I don’t like news or aren’t interested in current events. It’s just that I kind of hate reading the paper in paper form. It’s awkward and big and I’ve never enjoyed the ink on my hands, etc. So I take the time to read my favorite section of the Sun Times, SPLASH, and then I watch TV or something else while my husband reads the paper.

But this week, I decided I wanted my own alternative to the Sunday paper, and I’m sure many of you do, too! So here you have it:

3 Alternatives to the Sunday Paper

  1. theSkimm – the daily newsletter that simplifies the headlines for the educated professional who knows enough to know she needs more. They say, “We do the reading for you and explain it with fresh editorial content, breaking down what you need to know to start the conversation.” theSkimm covers hard hitting news and explains it beautifully, but they also have interesting tidbits women want to know (like the reuniting of Jesse and the Rippers on Jimmy Fallon last week!)
  2. NextIssue. While I’m not a big newspaper fan, I’m a HUGE magazine reader. And if, over the years, I added up all the money I spent on glossies, I would have enough for a trip around the world. I found that every month, I was buying 4-5 magazines at least (there’s $25+) not to mention subscribing to 10-15 publications every year (there’s $150-200 per year), and even more magazines when traveling. In total, it added up to likely $1,000 per year I was spending on magazines. Enter NextIssue. This incredible app is “an entire newsstand at your fingers.” In it, you’ll find over 90 of the most popular magazine titles you can automatically download to your device. So while my husband is reading the New York Times, I’m reading The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, and Time on my iPad for only $14.99 a month!
  3. CGN’s Saturday “Stay in Bed” Stimulus. Ok, ok, it’s a shameless plug for us, but it’s true! Though this newsletter comes out on Saturdays, we won’t fault you for saving it until Sunday. Each week, both on our website and in your email newsletter, you’ll get something to read, something to watch, and something to listen to you haven’t seen on CGN before. Our features will stimulate your brain and your eyes. So check it out! Click here to subscribe.

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Marcy Twete is a career fundraiser turned corporate responsibility executive, a career and networking expert and the author of the book "You Know Everybody! A Career Girl’s Guide to Building a Network That Works."