Warmest Chicagoan Ever!

Posted December 7, 2010 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand
This small town North Dakota girl knows cold. Trust me. But North Dakotans have one thing Chicagoans don’t…the general knowledge to stay inside or in a car in the winter time. You’ll rarely find a North Dakotan walking over a mile in the winter. But in Chicago, walking a mile or two here and there every day is normal. So this North Dakota kid decided to get warm! So after a short 5 minute walk to State Street Macy’s, I walked away with the following.

Long down Michael Kors coat. Seriously the warmest coat ever. I told Twitter Guy last night I feel like I’m wearing a sauna, ha! But I learned my lesson on this one. I saw it on Rue La La for $119.99. But I was concerned about what size to order, so I wanted to try it on at Michael Kors’ store first. But by the time I found my size, it was gone on Rue La La, so the Macy’s price ended up at about $140…damn that $30, but that’s life.

After trying on damn near every boot in the Ugg store, I left frustrated. But again, Macy’s was my savior with these amazing London Fog boots. My former boss, who lived in New York City for 10 years, swears by London Fog, so I knew I was getting a reliable boot. But these really fit the bill for me. They are unbelievably warm, loose enough at the top to tuck in pants if necessary – but still have a platform enough to wear my pants that are cut for heels and not drag on the ground.

And finally, a new pair of 180s. I lost mine, and I was definitely lost without them. So from my ears to my toes, I’m definitely a warm gal. Welcome to Chicago!

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