Weight Management: One Career Girl’s Journey – Part II

Posted October 31, 2013 by Adrienne Asselmeier in Life After Five
Trigger Warning: I’m going to talk about weight loss. I realize that some women have had incredibly hard struggles with body image and eating disorders. If it’s not comfortable for you to think about weight or weight loss, please navigate away.

This post is a continuation of Part I where I described how I got started getting fit, running, and eating fewer Buffalo wings.

Here are four things that worked for me to lose weight the healthy way!

  • I space my meals. My schedule is to have roughly 300 calories at a meal, with several low-cal snacks during the day. So my egg and tortilla with any combination of tasty toppings at 7:30am is followed by a piece of fruit or veggie sticks around 11am, a filling lunch with veggies and lean protein and some carbs around 1-2pm, a wholesome snack after work (usually followed by a little exercise), and then dinner of usually a regular kind of meal with lean protein instead of the higher-fat stuff, whole grains, and plenty of vegetables. I drink water frequently, try to avoid pop and even avoid coffee after noon (sometimes I fail at this!), and don’t really go for sweets. This is very easy for me to follow.
  • I work out. Not everyone has to be a marathon runner, and I do not suggest trying if that’s not your thing! A reasonable workout schedule for me is to run at least 2 days a week, I bike 6 miles a day for my commute, and some days I use my stationary bike while I watch an episode of The X-Files. I’m stuck in the 90s. For fun, I invite my friends to do 30-day challenges with me, so we have a Facebook event for things like squat challenges, plank, etc.
  • I try not to stress out. Seriously. I don’t say OMG I CAN NEVER HAVE PIE EVER. I don’t freak out about every little calorie. I don’t try to follow any complicated meal plans, and I don’t avoid entire food groups (like carbs—you do need carbs!). I don’t rush it. It took me all summer to lose 5 pounds, and that’s totally fine! It’s not a sprint. I ended the summer 5 pounds lighter, I had fun, I enjoyed my time with my friends and eating and drinking and being merry.
  • I never give up. Ever. Even if I ate a crazy amount of calories on my birthday and drank away my calories (plus some), and even if the scale goes up, and even if I’m frustrated—I never give up. It’s not about the short term, girlfriends. It’s about getting healthy and staying healthy forever. If you’re doing something to lose weight and it’s drastic, unsustainable, and meant to be a super-quick way to achieve something, just know that if the steps are temporary, the results are temporary. And the snap-back once you quit doing whatever you’re doing might actually leave you worse off than when you started. If you want permanent results, you have to make permanent changes. It’s not safe to cut out a whole food group, to almost literally starve yourself, to take pills that weren’t prescribed, etc. etc. You can have BIG results if you add up some small changes, and have patience.

That’s pretty much it for me. I was going to try and lose just a couple pounds to get back to the same weight I was in my early twenties, but I visited my doctor and she told me not to. Now the challenge has been finding a way to eat more without eating junk. That’s almost harder than losing weight because my doctor says, “You can stop losing weight,” but my brain hears, “Eat ALL the Crunchberries!”

If anyone would like to connect and talk more about how to work healthy habits into a busy Career Girl life, feel free to comment, or get in touch. My name on My Fitness Pal is Drenergy and I will cheer you on!

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