We’re Talkin’ Bout Resolutions!

Posted January 2, 2013 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder
Just a week from today, Career Girl Network is hosting our first ever online conference, Rock the Resolution. What should you know about Rock the Resolution?



  • Sure, we want you to join us on January 9th, but you don’t have to be there live. Purchase our full access pass and you’ll receive recordings following the event to use throughout the year!
  • It’s not just about resolutions! We didn’t want to give you the tools to lose 100 lbs or to get you in the gym every day, even though those kinds of goals are what you’d normally think of when you think of a resolution. Great resolutions, though, are about serious consideration of what you want this year – in your life, in your career, in your finances, your health – and the tools to get there. Bring that on, right?
  • We’ve made it doable for your schedule. Thanks to great feedback from our CGN friends, the conference now begins at Noon and lasts the afternoon. It’s much easier to budget that half day than a full one!

We know you want to register for Rock the Resolution now, right? To get you kicked off, we’re giving you some of our favorite graphics as related to resolutions below. Check them out, get your butt in gear and CLICK HERE to register now!

 An Amazing “Foldable” to Help Put Resolutions Into Categories

 It Might Feel Like You Can Do It Anytime…But Can You?

Bring These Rules With You to Rock the Res!

What Could Be More Motivating Than a Frame on Your Wall?


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