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Posted May 11, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Women's Issues

“What do women want?” A question the romantic comedy genre has been trying to answer for years. Mel Gibson was hit by lightening and suddenly could hear all the low self-esteem, self-sabotaging thoughts of the women around him. Richard Gere offers a prostitute a condo in New York City and gets turned down, a total slap in the face to any man proclaiming he might know what women want.

One of my favorite movies of all time is “Baby Boom”, the 1980s story of a fast-rising corporate woman who is suddenly given a child by a long-lost cousin. Prior to the baby debacle, the lead character has a tense conversation with a male boss who tells her he can, and does “have it all” because he has a wife to “take care of things.” Diane Keaton’s character responds, “Is that what you’re worried about? Well, don’t! I don’t want it all.” Apparently that was the answer to “what women want” in the 1980s – they want what they can get!

Fast forward nearly three decades and a new Pew Research Center proves just the opposite. Women no longer want what they can get – damnit, they want it ALL!

The graph below shows that more women than men value a high-paying job as one of the most important things in their lives.

Yet the statistic above doesn’t seem to affect the one below – the fact that, in addition to a high-paying job, women value marriage and family as very important as well – even more so than men.

So what’s the answer to that old question, “What do women want?” According to Pew Research Center, EVERYTHING!

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