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Posted April 12, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand

The Huffington Post recently enlisted five writers who waxed philosophical on the topic “What I Know About Beauty.” The writers each classified a decade of their life – “What I Know About Beauty Now That I’m In MY 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s.” The series was both enlightening and entertaining, and read in sequence, can teach incredible lessons about what we as women learn about ourselves and our beauty as we age. Perhaps we all don’t age like Jane Fonda, and that perspective can only come as time marches on.

In solidarity with these five writers, I’m sharing with you today my own list of “What I Know About Beauty” – now that I’m almost through my 20s.

  • Get cute for you. I wrote about this a while back after having an a-ha moment watching Oprah. I spent my early 20s buying a pair of jeans because I thought a man would think my butt looked good in them, wearing uncomfortable clothing because I wanted to show the woman next to me how much better I looked than she, all of which succeeded at only one thing – making me uncomfortable, and ultimately causing me to feel badly about myself. Now, when I dress up, when I put on makeup, it’s not for anyone other than me. I put on makeup on a Saturday because it makes me feel better, not because someone else will care. Cute clothes, hair, makeup are for you.
  • Beauty is professional. I’m not talking about the supermodel kind of beauty. I’m talking about the well put together, well dressed, well kept woman whose ensemble and attitude convey beauty. This kind of beauty makes you more respected, stronger in first impressions, and more confident on the whole in business.
  • Rules suck. I spent most of my 20s believing very specific rules of dressing. You had to wear a suit to an interview – not a blazer and skirt that go together, a suit damnit. This now seems ludicrous to me, as I realize the most important thing to an interview is looking appropriate and strong. Your outfit should say, “I’m here. I’m ready. Bring it on.” And frankly, for me, a black simple suit has never and will never make me feel that way. Anyone who declares a hard and fast fashion rule is probably a bit narrow in their thinking.
  • There’s a reason your mom uses certain products. I was the lucky “I have perfect skin” teenager and 20-something. But as I get older, I realize that there’s a reason my mother uses moisturizer, primer, and other products I’d never used before. They’re worth the money, they’re worth the time, and they keep your skin looking fresh and beautiful.
  • No one else will think you’re beautiful unless you do. If you feel uncomfortable in your skin, you will look uncomfortable in your skin. Others will be able to spot this on the street, in the office, and at home. No one will recognize your beauty truly and honestly unless you do. And if they do, you will not be able to accept it until you believe it too. When my husband says, “You look great today”, I don’t buy it unless I already said it to myself earlier that day. And neither will you.

Beauty is ever evolving in our lives. Comment below and tell me, what do you know about beauty now that you didn’t know before?

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