What I’ll Stop Worrying About in 2013

Posted December 30, 2012 by Marcy Farrey in On the Ladder
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A few weeks ago, I saw a fun and totally relatable blog on Huffington Post Women: “Letting Go: 14 Things We’ve Stopped Worrying About — And You Should, Too.” We all know that worry can kill our productivity, and prevent us from achieving the success we hope for. So, as we approach 2013, I thought about my biggest worries — and why I should eliminate them. See if any of these sound familiar to you, too:

  • Being Single. This was also on the Huffington Post list, and it’s a big one for me. Almost every one I am close to is in a relationship, which makes me sometimes feel anxious. I start to wonder why I’m still single and if I’ll end up all on my own as my friends’ lives merge into the couple’s world. Sometimes comments are made about my many dating blunders, but then the Huffington Post reminded me of this:

    There are 7 billion people in the world, and most American women ultimately get married, so chances are we’ll eventually meet someone special. Until then, what’s the use in apologizing for it? There’s freedom in living life by our own rules, putting your energy into your career or other projects you’re passionate about, and never, ever settling.

  • Pleasing everyone. I’ve been slowly learning that you can’t win over every person — no matter how nice you are and no matter how much you do for them. Make choices based on what’s best for you, not for someone else. Not every person is meant to be a part of your path, and not having their approval will not change who you are and what you intend to accomplish.
  • Falling behind. I sometimes worry that I’m “behind” at this point in my life. So-and-so is making more money, has a higher position, is married with kids. I’m 26 and still haven’t been abroad, what’s wrong with me?! We all move at different paces, and just because I haven’t done something yet doesn’t mean I never, ever will. I will do it when the time is right, and I will enjoy it all the more then.
  • Being a workaholic. I look back on my over-achiever lifestyle, and worry that one day I’ll wish I had had more fun — gone to more parties, stayed out later. But doing what other people consider “work” — writing, making videos — is not really work to me. I enjoy it, and I want to do it. I don’t regret any time I spent writing, reading, or working on my projects. But I do regret the time I’ve spent worrying about it!
  • Changing the past. We all took a wrong turn at some point, and made a decision that turned out not to be the best for us. I’ve wasted so much time reconstructing past events in my head, wishing I would’ve done or said something different. The past is the past, and a new year is ahead! It’s time to stop looking back, and instead go into 2013 more knowledgeable and prepared.
  • Embarrassing myself. I am going to make a silly grammar mistake in my blogs from time to time, and people are going to publicly call me out on Facebook for it. It’s going to happen. But everyone makes mistakes, including your biggest critics. It’s all part of putting yourself out there, and that’s better than hiding away, never knowing what you can accomplish.

What do you want to stop worrying about in 2013? Make a list of your most common worries, and assess how realistic they are — you’ll be one step closer to conquering those fears!



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