What is the process?

Posted November 10, 2011 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder

I learned four words today that blew my mind, words I simply had to pass on to the women of Career Girl Network. My coach said to ask, “What is the process…” Not “can we” or “should we” or “might I”? For instance, if you’re looking for a raise, don’t ask your boss, “Would it be possible for me to get a slight raise in my pay?” Instead, say, “What is the process we need to undertake in order to renegotiate my compensation?”

“What is the process” – it assumes two things. 1) There is a process. And 2) The answer to this question can never be “No.”

So the next time you’re in a tight spot with your boss or co-workers, phrase the question differently and ask them, “What is the process…”

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Marcy Twete

Marcy Twete is the author of "You Know Everybody! A Career Girl’s Guide to Building a Network That Works" and a career expert who believes in order to be empowered in your career, you must be surrounded with resources and a network that both supports and challenges you. Marcy began her own networking journey as a professional fundraiser in the nonprofit industry, honed those skills as a fundraising consultant, and in 2012 networked her way to nearly 1 million readers as the CEO of the professional development website Career Girl Network.

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    I like those four words too! I actually used them when asking about painting our apartment a few weeks ago. I didn't say – can we paint our apartment? I said – what's the process for picking colors to paint our apartment?


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