What to Wear to Work in a Creative Industry

Posted April 26, 2013 by Baaba Grant-Acquah in Building Your Brand
Although I have an educational background in business, I’ve always wanted to work in a creative industry. Since my friends & family work in various creative industries, I enjoy hearing about their experiences and love finding looks to fit their needs.

My friend who works as an interior designer recently asked me to find unique looks for her to wear to work.  She doesn’t like to wear “business looks” but still wants to look put together  and unique for days she’s in the office and for client meetings. Here is my advice on what to wear to work in a creative industry:

  • Stay polished. Just because you have creative authority to wear almost anything you want, doesn’t mean you get to let yourself go.  Don’t wear clothes that are too tight or don’t fit. Being creative with your outfit doesn’t mean letting yourself go.
  • Don’t go overboard. Sometimes the most creative outfits are simple with a couple of unexpected pieces. You don’t have to mix a lot of trends, prints, or fancy items to put together a creative look. If you’re wearing things just to wear them and you don’t really like it, you’re doing too much.
  • Be an individual. In a creative field, it may seem like you need to keep of with “the Joneses/Kardashians” to move ahead, but that’s not the case. Being authentic and buying items you actually like, will make a bigger statement than getting the next “it” bag.  Its ok to get a trendy bag because you really like it and can afford it, but spending thousands of dollars on a bag that your co-worker has “just to keep up,” only to not use the bag in a couple months because its out of style is a wrong move.

 Great pieces for a creative wardrobe:

Statement Jacket or Blazer

Bold Pump

 Graphic Print Dress

Unique Clutch or Bag

Statement Jewelry

Check out some creative looks below:

Creative Industry Looks

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