Why It’s Time To Change the Way We Talk About Job Hopping

Posted March 26, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Career Moves

I, like many in my generation, have at times been accused of “job hopping.” I’m nearing 30 and haven’t stayed in a job longer than 3 years in my career. However, on the contrary, I’ve learned an incredible amount about multiple areas of industry, built my skill set in phenomenal ways, learned how to deal with various bosses, and ultimately built my salary in a way that staying in a job for 10 years couldn’t have done. Is it fair to call me a “job hopper”, when the truth is, I’ve been exercising ambition, drive, and variety in my career?

A few weeks back, Fast Company told us about “The Four Year Career”, proving that the average worker stays in a job just 4.4 years. Does this make us all job hoppers? Brazen Careerist says no. Everyone like me isn’t a job hopper. In fact, Brazen Careerist says, ‘most “job hoppers’ think very carefully about their transitions and their career trajectories in general.” Brazen Careerist believes we have to find a different way to talk about job hopping, and I a whole-heartedly agree. Writer Jaclyn Schiff introduces a phenomenal phrase, “Professional Pivot.”

So let’s take Jaclyn Schff’s advice and stop using the words “job hopping” and start saying “professional pivot.” Are you in need of a pivot in your life? Or have you taken one recently? I have. And I’ll admit, there was quite a bit of baggage for me around leaving a job after only a short time. But I now realize, what I needed was a true professional pivot. And Jaclyn Schiff’s article gave me the language to describe it.

Read the full article, “Why It’s Time to Change the Way We Talk About Job Hopping” at BrazenCareerist.com today.

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