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Why the New Line of Job Search Sites are Getting it RIGHT!

Posted January 15, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Career Moves

There are huge numbers of job search sites on the market, and each of them has a different specialty. Some focus on new grads, others on jobs over $100,000 in salary, and still yet others focused on specific industries – medical, marketing, engineering, human resources, and many many more. If you’ve searched for a job in the last few years, you know that while these sites are meant to be helpful, they can sometimes be just as frustrating as they are vast and amazing.

Lately, though, a new breed of job search sites is emerging on the web. And Career Girls, they are getting it riiiiiiight. Here’s why. Studies have shown that the best predictor of employee longevity with a company is not necessarily the right fit between a potential employee and a job, but instead the fit of a potential employee and the company culture. You could find the “perfect” job in a company whose culture you hate, and you’re going to leave no matter how great it might be for your resume. On the contrary, though, you could find the slightly imperfect job in a company whose culture you love, and you’re much more likely to want to stay, grow, and change within the company. The ladder are the best hiring decisions for companies and individuals.

So who are these innovators focusing on cultural fit rather than just bullet pointed job descriptions? Here are two of our favorites:


Job postings at TheMuse.com aren’t just text. No way. Instead, this incredibly innovative team of young female founders has created what I think is changing the face of the job search community. When you click on a job on TheMuse.com, you’ll not only find information about the job, but also profiles of people who work for the company, photos of the company’s headquarters, and more intimate information than you’ll find on any other site. There, you’ll get a feel for what people wear there, how they decorate their desks, and immediately know if you want to “fit” there or not.

Click here to view the “Jobs” section of TheMuse.com.



The Levo League is another incredible website changing the shape of job search for women. The innovation here is the community behind Levo League and the women they work to aid – women in their 20s. Often, finding a job that is both strategic and well paying in your 20s can be phenomenally difficult. Having the community of the Levo League and their strategically chosen jobs for young women will give you a much needed leg up!

Click here to view the “Jobs’ section on LevoLeague.com.


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