Why You Should Join More Online Communities

Posted August 27, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Networking Buzz


There are all kinds of communities – both online and offline. Sure, you’re on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Maybe you even Instagram. But are you in the communities you need to be in to make an impact in your career? There is a school of thought that Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are like the ABC, NBC, and CBS of online social networking communities. But if you really love HGTV, MTV, and Lifetime, shouldn’t you be watching (or joining) more channels and getting away from your old black and white view of social media?

Mashable thinks you need to get more active and join more online communities in their recent article “5 Reason to Join a Niche Online Community.Mashable does a great job of explaining why you need niche communities. They can provide business referrals and tailored advice, among other things.

But which online communities should you join? For that, we’re relying on Social Times who gives us “5 Niche Online Social Networks with Real World Effects.” From a network specifically for the unemployed to one for scientists, you’ll find great resources here.

Tell us, have you joined any online communities specifically for your industry or field? What are they? Why do you love them?

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