Will Sheryl Sandberg Leave Facebook?

Posted October 31, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Leaders We Adore

She leaves every day at 5:30pm for home, but a bigger question about Sheryl Sandberg’s coming and going is looming on the horizon of Silicon Valley and perhaps even Washington, DC: Will she leave Facebook?

Sheryl has repeatedly been asked when or if she’ll leave Facebook and has consistently denied that she has any intention of leaving. The San Francisco Chronicle reports this quote: “I love my job and I’m staying. I love what we do. What excites me is, we have 950 million Facebook [users] and Facebook changes your life.”

But with Sheryl’s background in public policy, upcoming book, and the downturn of Facebook’s IPO, many are wondering if she’s primed for a position in Obama’s second term administration if he wins next Tuesday.

And while we don’t think for a moment Sheryl might read this article, while many people are telling her to jump ship, we disagree and are giving her a few good reasons to stay put.

  • We want a book tour! Sheryl’s book, “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” will reportedly be published in March. Rumor is, it’s been done for over a year. And damnit, that puppy deserves a book tour. It’s often difficult for appointees in the government to give speeches and promote their own interests.
  • She’s not the kind of person to walk away from the bottom. Facebook has encountered some issues recently, as its $100 billion valuation dropped to $50 billion recently. It would be easy for someone to “cut and run” at this point in the company’s journey. But Sheryl has been there from early on and she believes in the company. She should stay until they’re back on top.
  • Lead from the seat you’re in. At this moment, Sheryl Sandberg is part of a tiny percentage of C-level women in corporations. For her to step down, even to take a government appointed position, would mean diminishing that percentage. Instead, stay where you are and lead from the seat you’re in. The title you have comes with a lot of clout. Use it! You already are.

No matter which chair she’s sitting in a few months from now, Sheryl Sandberg will forever have a strong impact on women in business as a whole. We anticipate her next moves, but hope she takes our advice. What do you think? Should she stay? Or go?


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