A Woman’s Paradox: Infographic

Posted April 23, 2013 by Guest Writer in On the Ladder
A Woman's Paradox
Source: Great Business Schools

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This infographic is brought to you by Krista Coleman, a researcher and blog junkie from Greatbusinessschools.org. Greatbusinessschools.org strives towards providing best possible reviews about business schools. Through countless surveys, they collect full range of information about business schools and then come up with the best rankings. These reviews are based upon several aspects: student response, average scores, job placements etc. These reviews helps students in identifying the attributes of a business school that are important for them and ultimately, generate a list of the schools that can best help them in achieving their personal and professional goals.

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    Thanks for sharing this. I’m a sucker for a great info graphic and this presents the data in a well organized and clear design. Sharing with my women in business group at work.


    Wow. Simply wow. I knew most of this in some way/shape/form, but a good infographic always drives the point home, and this one certainly does that. This will be bookmarked and referenced often.

    Thank you!


    LOVE this. I will have to share it somehow with the people I work with……I see examples of this struggle every day and I wish we all had more balance. Anyway – thanks for sharing. Jasna


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