Where Are Women Today, Anyway?

Posted April 23, 2013 by Danielle Bilbruck in On the Ladder
A friend of mine likes to poke fun at me whenever he has the chance. He is a brilliant mind, and we engage in pretty intense debates…we tend to agree on most things, but when we don’t, he likes to say,

“Danielle, that’s why, as a woman, you only make 73% of what a man makes.”

Now, before anyone gets upset, this friend is a major advocate of women’s rights, and we like to give each other grief whenever possible. My comeback is typically, “Actually, it’s 77%. And don’t forget it.” But after several articles I’ve read recently, it seems that the trend may be (albeit at a snail’s pace) changing slightly. However, it always leaves me wondering exactly where women are in business today. Today, I found an infographic that I find extremely thought-provoking. Did you know that female MBA graduates make 93 cents on the dollar compared to their male co-workers? Sharing this, I wonder what your thoughts are. What is most surprising (or not at all) to you?


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