The Power of Women in Science

Posted April 19, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Career Moves
Hidden in the pages of the new book “Dear Professor Einstein: Albert Einstein’s Letters to and from Children,” there is a letter and response from a South African girl. I found this exchange on Maria Popova’s site Brain Pickings and simply had to share it with you.

A dear friend of mine is passionate about science and tells me frequently how tragic it is that little girls are often discouraged from pursuing scientific endeavors and instead pushed towards careers and interests that are more traditionally “female” in nature. If only more of our teachers and leaders little girls look up to were like Einstein – if only they did not mind that we were girls. And if only we too did not mind that we were girls. Take Einstein’s advice, “There is no reason for it.”

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    Count me among the women discouraged, at every age, from taking math and science courses. If I could go back, I would slap my academic “advisor” in college, then sign up to be a physics major with a math minor. I still have some regret, but my life (eventually) has turned out pretty well.

    I would like to join an organization that helps mentor young girls into scientific careers… how could I find one?

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